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Bakflip MX4 Vs G2 Vs F1 Vs Fibermax Tonneau Covers Comparison

Bakflip MX4 Bakflip G2  BakFlip F1 BAKFLIP FIBERMAX
Weight rating 400 LBS 300 LBS  400 LBS  300 LBS
Finish Matte Black Powder Coated Aluminium  Gloss Black  Gloss Black
Material Aluminium Aluminium  Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer  Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer
Warranty 3 Years 2 Years  3 Years  2 Years
Close Tailgate With Cover Down Yes No  No  No


Bakflip MX4:

The Bakflip MX4 is one of the best selling tonneau covers from Bakflip and is made with aluminium with a matte finish and can support weight of up to 400 LBS on top of the cover.  It was the first tonneau cover from the bakflip range that allowed you to close the tailgate with the cover in the open or closed position.  The cover overall is pretty watertight but water may tend to leak a little from the edges of the cover as well as the edges of the tailgate during heavy rains or while going through a car wash. However, the use of some weather stripping should help prevent this. This cover sits flat with the bed rails and if you have a bed extender, the cover rails don’t get in the way of the extender when you are swinging at around. When folded up all the way though, the MX4 will block your rear view. Compared to the extang solid fold, it is thinner and lighter but is also more watertight with less leakage.


Bakflip G2:

The Bakflip G2 is cheaper than the MX4 and is rated at 300 lbs, comes with a 2 year warranty and unlike the MX4 it does not have a matte finish but a powder coated finish instead. With the G2 you will have to open the last panel in order to close the tailgate, although this issue may have been fixed in the newer models. Also with this cover, you may have an issue with the seals not lying flat on the bed rails in which case you can use a hairdryer as the heat will make them lie flat.

Bakflip F1:

The Bakflip F1 cover is more dent resistant than the MX4 and G2 and although it will get dented in severe hailstorms, it will still hold up better than the MX4 or G2.  Like the MX4, the F1 too is rated at 400 LBS but is made from Fiberglass and not aluminium. Some people who have bought this cover though do complain that there are issues with fading, but you can get it replaced under the warranty period if it does fade. If you are going for the F1 make sure you ask for the newer version as that has the better closing mechanism of the MX4 and does not require you to open the cover in order to close the tailgate and also make sure that you get the new dual action seals.


Bakflip FiberMax:

Like the G2, the Bakflip FiberMax is also rated at 300 LBS and is made from Fiberglass like the F1 and comes with a warranty period of 2 years.  There isn’t much of a difference between this cover and the F1 except for a different hinge design.  The panels of the Fibermax are also reportedly 1/2 inch thick while the F1 is reportedly 5/8 inch thick, although we aren’t sure if these are accurate as there is conflicting information on this. Also, the EPS core in the F1 is heavier at 3.5 LBS compared to the 2LBS in the Fibermax



Bilstein 6112 Vs 5100 Comparison


Bilstein 6112 Bilstein 5100
Body Size 2.65 inches 1.95 inches
Piston Size 60mm 46mm
Shaft Size 18mm 14mm
Coil Springs Included Yes No

Both the Bilstein 6112 and 5100 are great choices for a suspension system whether its for a Tundra, Tacoma, 4runner or even the F150 but the 6112 is overall better than the 5100 in almost every single way.

While both these suspensions provide a smooth ride the 6112 is a bit better at handling nosedives and body roll and also has better dampening than the 5100. You will also find that going over  potholes, bumps and rough pavements as well as taking speed turns are better handled on the 6112.  While the transition from compression to rebound is very quick on the 5100, with the 6112 the transition is more noticeable and hence the ride feels more stable. The overall ride quality as a daily driver and off road handling definitely better on the 6112 due to the larger diameter. In terms of combos, The BilsteinIs 6112 in the front and 5100 in the back is a good combo but if you are going to use the max height setting for the 5100 which may cause more noticeable body roll you might want to go with a 6112/5160 combination instead .

Both the Bilstein 6112 and 5100 are adjustable and allow you to change the ride height, but the 6112 comes with coilovers while the 5100 uses the stock coilovers.

If you are going with the 6112 for the front, it would be better to change out the rear factory shocks to a 5100 or better a 5160 which has a remote reservoir and would complement the performance of the 6112.

Both these suspension solutions are great though, so if price is an issue you might want to go with the 5100, however if you can spend the extra for the Bilstein 6112 you aren’t going to be disappointed.