Audi Cars Trunk Space List (2002 – 2018)

Here is a list of trunk sizes for an Audi. Reference the model year in the table to see what trunk space or size is applicable for your car.

YearModelTrunk SpaceMax Trunk Space (With Seats Folded Down)
2004 - 2007Audi A3 (sportback)13.1 cu ft55.6 cu ft
2008 - 2013Audi A3 (sportback)19.5 cu.ft39.0 cu.ft
2014 - 2018Audi A312.3 cu.ft(1.8 T and TDI)Nil
Audi A310.0 cu.ft (2.0T and S3)Nil
Audi A3 (convertible)7.1 cu.ft9.9 cu.ft
2002 - 2008Audi A4 (Sedan)13.4 cu.ftNil
2009 - 2011Audi A4 (Sedan)12.0 cu.ft34.0 cu.ft
2012 - 2016Audi A4 (Sedan)12.4 cu.ft34.0 cu.ft
2017 - 2018Audi A4 (Sedan)13.0 cu.ftNil
2002 - 2005Audi A4 (Wagon)27.8 cu.ft60.6 cu.ft
2006 - 2008Audi A4 (Wagon)27.8 cu.ft59.0 cu.ft
2009 - 2016Audi A4 (Wagon)27.6 cu.ft50.5 cu.ft
2017Audi A4 (Wagon)24.2 cu.ft58.5 cu.ft
2007 - 2010Audi A5 (Coupe)16.1 cu.ftNil
Audi A5 (Cabriolet)11.3 cu.ft26.4 cu.ft
Audi A5 (Sportback)16.9 cu.ft34.6 cu.ft
2011 - 2018Audi A5 (Coupe)12.2 cu.ftNil
Audi A5 (Cabriolet)10.2 cu.ftNil
Audi A5 (Sportback)16.9 cu.ft34.6 cu.ft
2005 - 2011Audi A6 (Sedan)15.9 cu.ftNil
Audi A6 (Wagon)33.9 cu.f58.6 cu.ft
2012 - 2018Audi A6 (Wagon)19.9 cu.ft59.3 cu.ft
Audi A6(Sedan)14.1 cu.ftNil
2010 - 2018Audi A724.5 cu.ftNil
2011 - 2018Audi Q316.7 cu.ft48.2 cu.ft
2009 - 2017Audi Q529.1 cu.ft57.3 cu.ft
2018Audi Q526.8 cu.ft60.4 cu.ft
2007 - 2015Audi Q710.9 cu.ft42.0 cu.ft (with last row folded down), 72.5 cu.ft
2016 - 2018Audi Q714.8 cu.ft37.5 cu.ft (with last row folded down), 71.6 cu.ft
2006 - 2015Audi R83.5 cu.ftNil
2016 - 2018Audi R83.95 cu.ft (boot), 8.0 cu.ft (space behind driver Nil