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Bilstein 6112 Vs 5100 Comparison


Bilstein 6112 Bilstein 5100
Body Size 2.65 inches 1.95 inches
Piston Size 60mm 46mm
Shaft Size 18mm 14mm
Coil Springs Included Yes No

Both the Bilstein 6112 and 5100 are great choices for a suspension system whether its for a Tundra, Tacoma, 4runner or even the F150 but the 6112 is overall better than the 5100 in almost every single way.

While both these suspensions provide a smooth ride the 6112 is a bit better at handling nosedives and body roll and also has better dampening than the 5100. You will also find that going over  potholes, bumps and rough pavements as well as taking speed turns are better handled on the 6112.  While the transition from compression to rebound is very quick on the 5100, with the 6112 the transition is more noticeable and hence the ride feels more stable. The overall ride quality as a daily driver and off road handling definitely better on the 6112 due to the larger diameter. In terms of combos, The BilsteinIs 6112 in the front and 5100 in the back is a good combo but if you are going to use the max height setting for the 5100 which may cause more noticeable body roll you might want to go with a 6112/5160 combination instead .

Both the Bilstein 6112 and 5100 are adjustable and allow you to change the ride height, but the 6112 comes with coilovers while the 5100 uses the stock coilovers.

If you are going with the 6112 for the front, it would be better to change out the rear factory shocks to a 5100 or better a 5160 which has a remote reservoir and would complement the performance of the 6112.

Both these suspension solutions are great though, so if price is an issue you might want to go with the 5100, however if you can spend the extra for the Bilstein 6112 you aren’t going to be disappointed.