Ford Fusion Battery Size List (2006 – 2017)

What Is The Battery Size Of A Ford Fusion?

Here is a list of battery sizes for a Ford Fusion. Reference the year with the corresponding model to see what battery group sizes are applicable for your car.

Ford Fusion
YearModelBattery Group Size
2006Fusion (2.3L, 3.0L)96r, 40r
2007 - 2009Fusion96r
2010Fusion(2.5L, 3.0L, 3.5L)96r
Fusion Hybrid67r
2011 - 2012Fusion Hybrid67r
Fusion S, SE, SEL, Sport96r
2013 - 2015Fusion Energi SE, Energi Titanium, Hybrid SE, Hybrid Titanium, Energi SE Luxury67r, 48
Fusion S, SE, TitaniumT5, 48
2016Fusion Energi SE Luxury (for other models same as previous year range)T5, T4, 48
2017Fusion Energi Platinum and other hybridsT4, 48
Fusion SE and other non hybridsT5, 48