Lexus Introduces The UX 300e Electric Crossover At Guangzhou Exhibition

Lexus has introduced its first  battery electric vehicle , the Ux 300e at the Guangzhou International automobile exhibition. The car is based on the GA-C  platform which is shared by the Prius, Corolla, C-HR and of course the Lexus UX crossover. 

The car is of course very similar in design to other UX models so you may not realize on first look that it is an EV car. The  UX  300e’s  motor has a max output of 150 kW (201 hp) which is on par with the Kia Niro EV 64kWh version  and a max torque of 300 Nm (221 lbf-ft) which is lower than the Niro (391 Nm). The battery capacity is pretty decent at 54.3 kWh and charges at 6.6 kW on AC and 50kW on DC which isn’t that great considering both the Niro EV and Ioniq Electric can charge at 100kW DC.  The range is NEDC rated at 400 km or 248 miles but as we know there is always a significant difference between the NEDC rating and real world performance and the EPA rating too is likely to be much lower. For example, the  Ioniq Electric has an NEDC range of 170 miles whereas the EPA estimate is 124 miles. Charging from 0% to 80 % should take around 55 minutes with a 50kW DC charger or around 8 hours to fully charge on AC.

Owners of the UX 300e  will also have a dedicated app with which they can check the battery’s  state of charge and the driving range left as well as timer function to schedule charging and also functions to  control the air con, seat heaters and window defrosters. . There are also monitoring systems to help prevent overcharging and managing the battery temperature. The car has insulation to suppress outside noises but also comes with active sound control to allow natural  ambient sounds to filter in to have a better understanding of driving conditions

Lexus is yet to release any information  on pricing or trim levels but they did upload a promo video which looks pretty cool.