Mercedes Undercuts It’s Rivals By Pricing It’s EQC 400 Electric SUV At $67,900

Mercedes Benz has announced that it’s electric EQC 400 SUV will start at $67,900 when it goes on sale  in the USA in early 2020.  Although that isn’t a small sum by any means. it is still priced lower than  it’s competitors with the I-Pace starting at at $ 69,500 while the e-tron starts at close to $75,000 and the Model X is of course the most expensive at almost  $85,000.

The EQC 400 is based on the GLC platform and is equipped with two electric motors that can produce 402  horsepower with a top speed of 180 km/h and a 0-100 time of 5.1 seconds. It features an 80 kWh battery with a claimed range between 445 and 471 kilometers or 276 and 292 miles which has so far not been EPA tested. 

However in a range test by youtuber Bjorn Nyland  he claims that the EQC gave him a range of 261 miles while the I-Pace and e-tron were 236 miles and 230 miles respectively, which is pretty good considering that both the I-Pace and e-tron  have a similar usable battery capacity to the EQC. The EQC 400 also features 7.7 kilowatt AC charging and 110 kilowatt DC fast charging which means that charging upto 80 percent should be possible in under 40 minutes.

The front of the EQC 400 features multibeam LED  headlamps which sort of blend into the grille design  while the rear features LED strip lights that run along the back giving it a distinctive  look. For wheels. the premium and advanced trims come with 19” AMG 5-Twin Spoke Wheels while the progressive trim comes with 19” 5-Twin Spoke Aero Wheels.

The  progressive  trim comes with all the standard equipment,  while the premium trim additionally includes the the AMG line exterior package, hands free access package, surround view camera package,  Aero package with aluminium running boards and wireless mobile charging with NFC pairing. The advanced trim includes Leather upholstery,  heated rear seats and ventilated front seats in addition to the premium package. All trims come with the 13 speaker Burmester surround system, rear view camera, heated and powered front seats and sliding sunroof.

The EQC 400 includes the MBUX  the infotainment system that features touch control, voice control and augmented video and the paddle shifters on the steering wheel allow you to select different levels of brake energy regeneration. Also as it is based on the GLC platform you still unfortunately get the transmission tunnel which is of course completely unnecessary as this is an electric car and there is no driveshaft.