Xpeng Announces Pricing For It’s Flagship P7 Electric Car

Xpeng Has announced pricing information for their P7 electric car which they put on display At the Guangzhou exhibition a few days back. The car which was reportedly developed In collaboration with the Porsche engineering team will be priced between RMB270,000-370,000 or $38k to $52k and will be available for sale in the chinese market sometime in mid 2020. The car has Reportedly received over 15k  pre-orders since April 2019.

The P7 is a  beautiful car to look at from the outside with its sleek and aggressive design and the interior does remind me of the Model S with the way the dash and ac vents are designed as well as the touchscreen and the shape of the steering wheel. P7 comes in both a single motor RWD and dual motor AWD version. The single motor has an output of 196kW and a max torque of 390 Nm (287 lbf-ft) with an NEDC rated range of 650+ km while the dual motor has an output of 120kW and 196 kW with a total max torque of 655Nm (483 lbf-ft) and a range of 550+ km. The dual motor model can also reportedly do 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds while the single motor is at 6.7 seconds. However, there is no information on the battery capacity or it’s charging rate. The p7 has an 18 speaker Dynaudio system and is  ASIL-D  rated which is the highest automotive Safety integrity level rating. 

Xpeng Claims that the P7 is capable of level 3  autonomous driving on highways and that It can remember your favorite parking spaces and automatically Park at the end of your journey although I am yet to see any live demonstrations of these claims. 

The car  has something called an XUI  fusion system that can reportedly read your expressions by detecting eye contact and respond to  your needs. I am not sure exactly how this would work, whether it senses you are in trouble and stops the car  and calls for help or whether it is related to functions within the car itself is unclear.

The company has so far raised $1.7 billion dollars in funding  with 400 million of that coming from it’s recent series C round. Also, check out their promo video which is pretty cool and shows off it’s design as well  some of its V2X capabilities (Vehicle to Everything).