Yamaha EC-05 Electric Scooter Wins German Design Award 2020

Yamaha today announced that their EC-05 electric scooter won  the German design award 2020 by the German Design Council in the excellent product design category. Yamaha had previously won this award for their YZF -R1 sports bike,  XSR900 motorcycle and 242LImited S sports boat. This is Yamaha’s fifth electric scooter having previously launched the  Passol in 2002, EC-02 in 2005, EC-03 in 2010, and E-Vino in 2014.

The EC-05  scooter was developed in  collaboration with Gogoro of Taiwan and was launched in Taiwan in August 2019.  Yamaha predicts sales of 20,000 units of the EC-05 in Taiwan by next year August and They also have plans to launch it in India. 

There is no information on the specs yet but it Is likely  to be similar to the Gogoro 2 smart scooter that has a top speed of 95 km/h And  a range of hundred kilometres with a power output of 8.3 hp.

Gogoro currently has more than 1400 battery swapping stations called GoStations in Taiwan and owners of the Yamaha EC-05 will be able to use this network to swap out their batteries.

Gogoro currently  has a combined battery capacity of 560 kWh which is equal to about half an hour of electricity consumption in  Taipei and they plan on increasing it up to 1 gigawatt hour by February 2020. 

Also, Yamaha says that they plan to reduce their CO2 emissions by 50% by 2050 compared to their 2010 levels which clearly shows that their focus is towards producing more electric vehicles.