Fisker Ocean SUV Can Now Be Reserved With A $250 Deposit – To Be Delivered In 2022

Fisker  has announced that reservations for the Fisker Ocean SUV are now open via either the Fisker app or website.  The actual price of the SUV has not yet been revealed yet but people who are interested in the car can reserve it by putting in a $250 deposit which can either go towards the lease or a purchase of the vehicle itself. Fisker claims that the Ocean SUV will be priced below $40,000, will have a  range of between 250 to 300 miles and will be available in 2022 although on their website it does say that the SUV will be revealed in 2020. But then again even though 2022 is more than two years away,  Henry Fisker’s  word on launch dates can’t  really be taken seriously as he previously  promised that the more expensive $129,000 Fisker Emotion EV (which by the way has an absolutely stunning interior)   would be available this year which is clearly not going to happen.

The design of the SUV at least from the outside looks very good with it’s clean lines, subtle aggressiveness and it’s striking blue pattern at the top but that is to be expected from someone of Henrik’s background and caliber. The turn signals on the D pillar are very unique but at the same time aesthetic and pleasing to look at and they are supposed to offer “extra safety” when you change lanes although it isn’t clear exactly how; perhaps because of its higher up position people are more likely to notice it and hence not crash into you when you move into their lane?

The Fisker Ocean will come with an 80 kWh battery pack ,  two electric motors and optional 22 inch wheels. The Mercedes EQC  also has an 80 kWh battery and has an EPA estimated range of 220 miles (although Bjorn Nyland has reported getting around 260 miles on a charge) while the Tesla Model X with it’s 75 kWh battery has an EPA estimated range of 238 miles.

Lease starts at $379/month for the Fisker Ocean and you also have to pay a one time activation fee of $3000 which will give you a yearly allowance of 30,000 miles and that also includes service and maintenance.